WHAT'S NEW - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Leena to speak at Tedx on Feb 3​​​​​​​, 2018

About The Founder, Leena Patel

Leena Patel has a reputation for doing things a little differently to other trainers and consultants. Her method of training is cutting edge. She models world leaders across multiple industries. She believe that the greatest innovation happen when we look outside the lens through which we typically view our business challenges- so while the problem we solve will be specific to your industry, the way we approach it may not

Leena draws from cutting edge practices within the military, healthcare, and sports to demonstrate how innovation-ready they are- and what businesses need to do to catch up.

You'll learn what's working, what's trending, and as well, you'll learn the best practices and mistakes your competitors have made. She brings her proprietary processes, games, and simulations to the table, which give a platform for leaders and teams to re-connect, re-work and re-build the current model.The Sandbox Strategy will ensure you meet your organization's leadership and performance  goals on time and within your budget.

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I developed a training style using proprietary games and simulations ("Gamulation") to improve engagement, learning, and innovation. 

Through hands-on interative experiences, leaders learn how to handle real-life business situations that fast-tracks their leadership readiness, while building strong teams, and fostering a culture of creativity, strategy, and play.

   The Gamulation Solution

Under Pressure To Succeed?

For today’s business leaders, the pressure for continual excellence and high returns is ever-present. Plus, the market is dynamic. What worked five years ago may no longer be relevant for today, let alone a year from now. 

Today's reality is that businesses spend $14 billion annually on leadership training and research shows that attendees only retain 10% of the information. Engagement is at an all-time low, baby boomers feel disconnected from millennials, employee needs aren't what they were yesteryear... which means implementation is a hope rather than a given.

As a result, leaders turn to Global Impact Systems - the proven framework for cutting edge leadership performance consulting that brings a new level of engagement, playfulness, and innovation into the workplace.