Maximize Your Global Impact

The Profitable Partnerships Plan (PPP) helps big businesses win financially while supporting non-profit organizations of their choice for a triple-win outcome: You grow your market reach, save money, and help make a bigger difference. It's not for everyone, but if you're remotely interested, I invite you to reach out. 

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As a consultant, I will support you in:

  • CEO and Board Navigation 

  • Executive Consulting

  • Mid-Management Coaching

  • Providing and equipping leaders with championship team building skills 

  • Industry best practices

  • Visionary leadership development

  • Succession Planning and onboarding

  • Closing skill gaps


Do any of the following apply to you? 

  • You feel stuck in your leadership position (and need a strategic action plan that will get you traction)

  • ​Innovation has halted

  • The number of people in your team or organization has dramatically changed (yet you're expected to produce the same results or better)​​​​​​​


Executive Coaching receives a ROI of nearly 600%.

               -Right Management Consultants​​​​​​​

The benefits to your company include increases in:

  • Productivity (reported by 53% of executives)

  • Quality (48%)

  • Organizational strength (48%)

  • Customer service (39%)

  • Reducing customer complaints (34%)

  • Retaining executives (32%)

  • Cost reductions (23%)

  • Bottom-line profitability (22%)

When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone.

           -Personnel Management Association

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A Few Industry Leaders Leena Has Worked With

You'll get support in: strategic planning  and change management tailor-designed to meet your unique needs. I combine high impact entrepreneurialism, performance-driven leadership, underpinned by value-driven position change and social responsibility - everything you need to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

Bottom Line: You'll get more accomplished in less time and with less stress.


Bring Out The Best In You, So You Can Deliver Your Best To Others