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From the founder, Leena Patel...

"Games are the breeding ground of fun, creativity, and innovation. Simulations bring realism and relevance to your play. Together, they will change how you learn, and innovate. 
To innovate successfully, you have to look outside the lens through which you typically view business challenges- so while the problem we solve will be specific to your industry, the way we approach it may not. You'll be drawing from cutting edge practices within the military, healthcare, and sports to understand how what innovation-ready means- and the specific steps your business needs to catch up.

Learn what's working, what's trending, and the best practices and mistakes your competitors have made. My proprietary gamulations will give leaders and teams the tools to re-connect, re-work or re-build what needs refining. The GIS Sandbox Toolkit will ensure you meet your organization's leadership and performance goals on time and within budget."

The market has changed... 

What worked five years ago is no longer relevant today. 

  • Engagement is at an all-time low

  • Baby boomers feel disconnected from millennials

  • Employee needs aren't what they were yesteryear

As a result, leaders turn to Global Impact Systems' proven framework for cutting edge performance consulting that brings a new level of engagement, playfulness, and innovation into the workplace. 

​​​​​​​Fast-track your leadership readiness with gamulations and prepare yourself to address your real-life business challenges the fun way!

   The Sandbox Toolkit