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Our "sandbox" is an interactive environment designed to challenge, test, push, invigorate, provoke, stretch, unify, and light up members of your team or organization. 

When people have a reason to come to work beyond a paycheck - they will pour their heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears to help you reach your next goal.
​​​​​​​Is absenteeism or retention a concern?

​​​​​​​With The Sandbox Toolkit you will be equipped to lead change, re-engage and inspire your group, team, or organization to reach the next level of success while building a tribe of loyal, happy, contributors.

Remember that capacity to play, fall, have fun, and endlessly innovate with a brown paper bag, that you had as a kid?

​​​​​​​We teach you and your team to nurture those skills so that you can drive innovation and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

​​​​​​​Whether it's your people, your processes or your products or services that needs fine-tuning... who said change has to be something everyone avoids like the plague?

What worked 5 years ago (or even 3 or 2), no longer applies... workplace demographics have changed, technology is changing... and if your culture, people, processes, and products aren't adapting to meet the changing needs of your customers, your business will be left in the dark.

The World of Work has Changed...

We help you stay ahead of the competition by equipping you with

leading-edge strategies to leverage your skills, strengths, and expertise

Drive Creativity and Innovation

Why You Need To Bring A Sandbox Into Your Boardroom

We use the metaphor of a sandbox in the boardroom to convey play in a highly structured, highly results-driven environment.
A sandbox represents a space where, as kids, our imagination gave us free reign to dream, build, break down, and re-create. In the adult world of work, it represents a segment of time dedicated to being uninhibited and open to new experiences without preconceived ideas of what our play will lead to and what new innovations will emerge. It represents a paradigm shift in how we need to lead and think and behave to be effective leaders in the next decade.

Strategic Innovation proven to help C-Suite Execs Capitalize on New Opportunities, be a Step Ahead of the Competition, and Improve Bottom Line by up to 40%

VIP strategy days ~ Strategic planning Consulting Live​​​​​​​ and virtual training programs ~ Keynotes Conference breakout sessions ~ Executive roundtables ​​​​​​​Executive coaching​​​​​​​ ~ Executive retreats

Want to strategize your next step? We invite you to reach out and schedule a 30-minute private call with us. No pressure. Simply a chance for us to get to know one another and explore if it makes sense for us to work together.